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Green Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning in Maui

We pride ourselves on offering environmentally friendly alternatives to standard cleaning products. We're able to use these products and state-of-the-art techniques to be environmentally conscious while not sacrificing the sanitizing effects. From carpets and flooring to windows and general janitorial cleaning, we use safe, non-toxic materials that will leave no lasting residue and make your work place look amazing. Call us today for more information!

Office buildings

A study by the Center for Facilities Research, states a correlation exists between the cleanliness of an office and the productivity it provides. An unclean workplace can lead to more sick time for employees, lost revenue and even health hazards. We offer simple green cleaning solutions for all of these problems. Ensure the health of your employees and your customers! Call Do-It-All Carpet Cleaning today!
Conference room cleaned by professional


Whether your organization works in the public sector, medical or education fields, it requires professional cleanings to maintain the public's health and keep your business to code.  We use the finest non toxic cleaning products on the market that can kill 100% of bacteria and viruses. Our staff of dedicated cleaning professionals will ensure every inch of your property is sanitized and ready for use. Call us today!

Restaurants & clubs

From spilled drinks to messy oven ranges and cooking appliances, if you run an eatery, you know bacteria can quickly gain a foot hold. Standard cleaning products don't tackle the grimiest, had to reach spots and certain bacteria can linger even after a quick surface cleaning. We can ensure your establishment gets the "A" grade it deserves. Our team of cleaning experts have an eye for detail and a commitment to providing top quality, environmentally sound service to every job they perform. Call us now!
Night club cleaned by professional
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